Vintage High Waisted Trousers - Jeans | Lady K Loves

Lady K Loves specialises in high waisted jeans with a vintage look. Featuring a high waist which sits on your natural waist line. Lady K Loves cut jeans for a range of womens bodies.

You’ve probably heard a lot about our Hug Me Baby jeans for example. Made for those girls with extreme curves they’re perfect for those who have had a hard time getting denim to work for them. That said, we find most women tend to get on better with our Classic jeans, our first pair of jeans which was made using a range of customers measurements to get the most ‘average’ (as if any of you are average!) hip to waist difference. We also sell high waisted jeans for petites with our signature sweetheart yoke, and front zip, with dark gold pocket stitchingand. If you fancy wide leg jeans our Le Wild jeans are great for boots, or we’ve loved wearing them turned up to mid calf with a pair of loafers or lace up ballet pumps.

From wide leg high waist jeans to high waisted jeans for petites we have plenty of options for everyone!