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You’re all out of my size….when will you get another order in?

You’re all out of my size….when will you get another order in?

Published: 14th September 2017

You might have thought this yourself, or maybe you’re currently searching the site for something and have come across this in our FAQ’s. Maybe you missed out on something you totally fell in love with. Sadly that item you’ve just fallen in love with which only has an XS left isn’t going to come back in your size and here is why.

This isn’t a once upon a time we turned up to party in the same thing as someone else story, actually it’s more the other way around.

Lady K Loves is based around one designers vision, having spent years making my own clothes it’s really hard to design something, fall in love with it, then see loads of people wearing the same thing. One of the reasons I first started making my own clothes was because I didn’t want to wear the same things as everyone else! Being someone who shopped in charity shops and in an ad hoc way, shopping in a branded way is a new experience.

We also found when we were producing items in the UK that the fabric market in the UK was pretty small, this mean we saw other repro brands using the same or similar fabrics, so if we did a run of something, we only did it once, to if someone else did use that fabric, it wouldn’t happen again.

Once we moved over to production in India this mindset worked well for us too. We use a network of surplice suppliers, they have sample designs and end of lines. When a factory produces fabric, they might need to make 50,000 meters. Over shooting by 500 – 5000 isn’t much, plus they will often set the machines to make at least that extra in case there’s any issues with the initial set up. It give time to check the quality and have excess to work with if there are any issues or faults.  During our visits to our fabric suppliers, we have on occasion seen the same fabric there on a subsequent visit. However it’s not reliable, which we love! It means if we love that fabric and it’s right to use, we buy it, if we’re not sure, it gets left and some other designer gets to enjoy it.

That said, our denim range is a part of our core products, we know how much your guys love them so we will be keeping and restocking all denim styles unless you stop buying them! By the same reasoning, items like our skirts and trousers in black, we know are wardrobe staples and so we’ll keep them going, the fabric will be similar, but wil vary from batch to batch.

The really great part to of all of this is you get something unique! In a market which is full of company’s producing the same styles every season, we bring you something new. You won’t see items going in to a clearance sale only to find them brought back out the next year as if they are a new product.

Image features Lydia in Coral, Le Wild jeans in black & tan felt hat

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