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17th September 2021

brad pitt thelma and louise | Western Boho style inspiration

Nothing says the end of summer like some western boho style...

It’s harvest season, so time to be getting out in the countryside, down to a farm, or to a “pick your own” offering.

Near LKL HQ there’s a beautiful lavender farm & a sunflower farm, both of which make beautiful settings for an afternoon walk & picnic.

Even if you live in a city, you can bring this look into your style & do that on the daily. We’re breaking it down & giving you a few references to explore to find more inspiration.

Tabatha Blue Swallow Doralee Blue Swallow Back Web | Western Boho style inspiration

The history of Western Boho

Rock’n’roll style has always had a tinge of country. Be it that the music evolved from blues, Appalachian & country music, with the emergence of hillbilly evolving into rockabilly. Or the attitude of country vibes, being perhaps slightly more laid back than city folk.

A cowboy shirt, denim & boots have been a classic outfit for many a rock’n’roll star… Hello Wanda Jackson, Johnny Cash, Lemmy, Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse (maybe we leave Axl Rose, Rid Rock & the like out of this, agreed?) & Dolly Parton. Ok, perhaps she’s not rock’n’roll as such but if you want me to leave the Queen of Country off this style list, we’re not friends.

Boho, or bohemian style has a much longer history than you might think. “Many believe it was established as a counterculture in 19th century France after the French revolution.”

The modern interpretation of the style we’re looking at, surfaced in the 1960’s & 1970s. With a history of being a counterculture style, this look has always been particularly popular with artists, artisans & musicians. The style invokes a feeling of spiritual freedom, being a child of nature & the world. Mixing textures & tones, with heritage pieces. There is a danger here to wander into the land of appropriation (Coachella & the trend for Native American headdresses as festival wear, we’re looking at you.) so do be mindful of where you’re taking your inspiration and why it’s inspiring. If you love Navajo textiles and want to bring this into your wardrobe (or home), look for places where you are supporting the Navajo community when you buy. Similarly, if you love folk items, look for products that support these communities personally.

Even bands with less of a folk or country edge have danced around the edges of some boho style, from Shirley Manson, Courtney Love, to Evanescence, we see them bringing a balance of pretty & lace with boots and leather.

It’s a staple look of the casual, off-the-clock rockstar. Here’s our guide on how to get the look.

Staple Clothing Items:


When it comes to denim, it’s all about classic western cut jeans. The ones with rivets, embroidery etc in particular have my heart.

Traditional twill denim is famous for its durability, it’s rise to popularly in pop culture coming from blue-collar workers & cowboys. The thick fabric is great at protecting your body while keeping its shape. But it also molds to your body too!

We love the jeans that Marilyn is wearing here in The Misfits.

Our jeans are fantastic for any western/boho look. And we have pairs to suit everyone. If you like a straight leg jean for a more utilitarian western look, Le Wild are for you.

But, if you prefer tighter jeans our other jeans would be your perfect match.

marilyn | Western Boho style inspiration

Cowboy shirts

I think we can all agree that cowboy shirts are just so freaking COOL! Seen on so many icons throughout the decades, and so many different subgenres of fashion.

One of my favourite parts of cowboy shirts is the embroidery. You know those cowboy shirts that just have a gorgeous pattern sewed onto them? Aren’t they just so pretty?

We love pairing cowboy shirts with a classic pair of jeans (skinny or wide leg, depending on our mood…)

Or, we love them with a long flowy skirt. Ugh, they’re just SO fun. Like our Doralee or Katie skirt.

34be3d8004c15f7e5d7a0010b6d62c60 | Western Boho style inspiration

Flowy Dresses

Especially in white & light blue, although they may need more frequent washing in these lighter colours, I think it’s totally worth it.

Flowy dresses are one of those clothing items that perfectly capture the feeling of freeness & adventure. Beautiful flowing dresses like this make me think of running freely in a flower field during golden hour, and picnics in the summer. Just me? Ok… But I think we can all agree that flowing dresses, especially with tiers of fabric, patchwork details etc do really nail this look.

boho style maxi dress white with lace hem sleeves and inserts worn with brown leather belt with iron buckle by woman standing on wooden stairs | Western Boho style inspiration

Tassels, Trims, Ruffles, Embroidery Anglaise & Lace

When we put this all together as the trims on items, you can easily bring in a boho country vibe. It’s all about the trims for embellishment.

Often, traditional & heritage clothing has a very simple cut, bordering on oversized. And all the details are made up from the trims.

In some cases, the mirrors or embroidery would also have a spiritual connection too. Again, be mindful when it comes to any heritage styles you’re pulling into your wardrobe. My experience is most people are excited to share their culture if it’s done respectfully & with love. But it’s incredibly important to do your research and listen to those from those heritages.

I love tassels on just about everything. And they’re one of those things that can brighten up my mood instantly! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting on a tasseled leather jacket and swishing around.

Tassels are a reason that our Gwen skirt is one of my favourite western inspired pieces. The tassels at the bottom are such a fantastic detail, and are just so fun. Paired with the relaxed flowy cut of the skirt, oh i just love it.

ea27423a84e9b94e6e48f298fd3ebc6f | Western Boho style inspiration

Wide Brimmed Hat

Keep that sun out of your eyes while you’re working the land! Added bonus is they look so damn cool.

Perfect for the summertime or even sunny winter days. Wide-brimmed hats are a classic accessory and can bump up any outfit to the next level of Western.

And yes, we’re still swooning over that gif at the top of this blog post of Brad Pitt tipping his hat in Thema & Louise… Okay, you’ve convinced me. Have another gif.

Brad Pitt Thelma Louise | Western Boho style inspiration


Belts are the cornerstone of every outfit, regardless of style.

They’re one of those accessories that can really make an outfit. And can give a subtle hint of whatever vibe you’re going for.

Leather, studded, turquoise… There really are belts to fit any style you may want to embody.

We love those vintage turquoise ones with the silver buckle (does anybody remember that scene from Devil Wears Prada with the two belts? That’s all I can think of right now…) especially when you pair it with a long flowy skirt, or a flowy boho dress. Swoon!
But they’re also equally as great for a western look. In western & spaghetti-western films, for example, we often see belts like this being worn.

DJ vF CW0AE9T5B | Western Boho style inspiration

gettyimages 3241883 1522765714 | Western Boho style inspiration


Cowboy boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots… all the boots!

We absolutely love them.

Obviously, boots are great with jeans, that’s a classic combo! But the real love affair here is pairing them with flowy skirts. This is where boho really meets western.

How do you style your boots?

gettyimages 517256620 1522727984 | Western Boho style inspiration

How can I dress vintage western boho style?

1 – Get yourself a great pair of jeans! Double denim is ok in western inspo style too, so layer with denim jackets, waistcoats and shirts.
2 – Cowboy/Cowgirl shirts. Ideally with pearlised rivets, check, embroidery and or tassels too.
3 – Flowy dresses or skirts. Add layers of white or soft blue cotton with lace or embroidery Anglaise trims or tiers and gathers.
4 – Add tassels, trim, ruffles and layers to your items.
5 – Wide-brimmed hat, like a stetson, bring out that cowgirl style with a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes
6 – Belts with large silver buckles and turquoise tones, are perfect. Especially in natural materials like leather and canvas.
7 – Boots. Cowgirl boots are a must!

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