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24th October 2020

Spiderweb patterns in fashion

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As October is upon us and Halloween is fast approaching, we begin to wonder ‘What will my costume be this year?’ But why can’t we wear spooky Halloween prints every day? Well, the truth is, we can, and we have done for decades! Spiderweb prints are a fashion statement that has been seen throughout the 20th century, and the trend lives on today.

We know you love vintage inspiration from various eras. So we’ve taken a look back at some spiderweb-inspired pieces throughout the 20th century!

Spiderweb fashion in the 1920’s & 1930’s

In the 1920s, the flapper dress was born. It was a symbol of new and exciting times to come, following the War, and remains iconic to this day.

Flappers were young, energetic people who began the movement from restrictive corsets to loose dresses and allowed them to dance the decade away. These dresses came in all sorts of designs, including spiderweb pattern! This amazing sequin-embellished spiderweb flapper dress is a perfect example of the extravagance of this fashion era.

Following the 20s, the 30s welcomed the new & modern style of women’s fashion. And we began to see more full-length, looser styles which gave women yet more freedom to move.

Elsa Schiaparelli and Dali (two of history’s most influential couturiers) collaborated in the 1930s, creating some memorable pieces and giving Schiaparelli the creative scope to create pieces such as this spiderweb-inspired gown. If only we could get our hands on this exact dress!

The 30s have continued to inspire present-day fashion styles, such as this 1930’s-inspired hooded spiderweb dress, sold by Nicoletta Carlone. 

spider web 30s inspired | Spiderweb in Fashion

Spiderweb fashion in the 1940’s & 1950’s

The 1940s welcomed not only a fashion revolution but a revolution for womenkind. As women began being respected in society for managing to complete typically ‘male’ job roles throughout the second world war.

In terms of fashion, women were allowed to be more liberal and men’s fashion started to creep into the woman’s wardrobe; for instance, women began wearing suits and trousers as a normal outfit choice.

Marlene Dietrich was the first woman in the public eye to wear a suit, and quickly became an icon of feminism in the mid-20th century.

This spiderweb bikini also showcases how women’s liberality emerged, pictured on 40s scream queen. Red Dolly did a great interpretation of this 40s bikini which you can purchase for yourself! Alternatively, get your hands on our Jill blouse in spiderweb print, inspired by authentic 40s pattern style.

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The style of the 1950s reflected a growth of respect & slow changes of perception for women in society. Women started to wear bright colours and ‘fun’ dresses, such as this 50s velvet dress with a spiderweb pattern and bright hand-painted butterflies (sold by ButchWaxVintage). On the right shows a 50s full-skirt dress with a spiderweb pattern on the front.

Spiderweb fashion in the 1960’s & 1970’s

The 60s broke many fashion traditions, especially for women. Spiderweb-inspired fashion carried on into the 60s, showcased by this incredible sleeveless sweater.

Fashion in the 1970s was more about individuality than ever before, and spiderweb patterns were a perfect way of adding uniqueness to your style.

Here is a 1970s authentic vintage t-shirt, featuring a green embellished spiderweb pattern, sold by ButchWaxVintage. This piece makes such a simple way to spice up your autumn wardrobe and could be paired with our jeans for a casual look

Alternatively, you could opt for something a little more out-there like this 1970s flared spiderweb jumpsuit (sold by Naughty Kitty Village).

1960s spider top | Spiderweb in Fashion

Spiderweb fashion in the 1980’s

The 1980s was a decade of bold style, colours, and silhouettes’ – Harper’s Bazaar.

More than ever before, fashion was a way of expressing yourself.

The 1980s punk rock scene strongly showcased this, such as this spiderweb sweatshirt. But, if punk rock isn’t totally your style, check out this vintage 1980s spiderweb foil dress from Etsy.

https hypebeast.com image 2020 08 levis vintage clothing fall winter 2020 collection lookbook mid 80s punk louisville 14 | Spiderweb in Fashion
80s foil dress e1603547848943 | Spiderweb in Fashion

Spiderweb fashion in the 1990’s

And finally, we reach the 90s! The 90s saw more preppy styles and fashion for comfort.

This black diamante spiderweb vest is very 90s fashion, sold on depop.

As for designer couture fashion, Georgio Armani blessed us with the amazing spiderweb-inspired dress shown on the right. This piece can be compared with the 20s flapper dress pictured above, showcasing how styles of the decades come back around!

90s spiderweb top | Spiderweb in Fashion
armani spider dress | Spiderweb in Fashion

At LKL, we love taking inspiration from the decades of the 20th century. We hope this article has inspired you to not only take inspiration from the iconic styles, but also to incorporate some spiderweb patterns into your wardrobe!

We have a limited-edition range of our original styles in spiderweb print so you can make this happen.

Here is our Jill Blouse, Esmerelda skirt, and Brigett blouse in spiderweb print. Pair up our Esmerelda skirt and Brigett blouse for a full spiderweb look, or pair our Jill blouse with a classic pair of jeans for a more casual Halloween-inspired outfit.

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