50s Rockabilly Dresses: Where to buy them?

Vintage Style, Modern Fit and Always Limited Edition


50s Rockabilly Dresses: Where to buy them?

50s Rockabilly Dresses: Where to buy them?

Published: 13th August 2019

black and white image of three women wearing vintage 50s rockabilly dresses in New York

We get a lot of people searching the site for dresses. Like you, who searched for rockabilly dresses, or vintage pin up dresses and found this page. Be it, dresses with full skirts, circle skirts, wiggle skirts, pleat skirts and all that is inbetween. But we don’t make dresses… seems odd? Not to us.

100% of our items are separates. And this is intentional for a range of reasons.


We want you to get a great fit.


Women’s bodies are weird and wonderful. Some of us have short bodies and big busts, others have long bodies and small busts, or full hips or narrow shoulders, full upper arms, long rises… The list goes on. You name it, we have it

Our aim is to create great clothing which is sustainably and ethically produced  (you can read our full ethical policy here) and which makes you feel fantastic when you wear it.

Getting the fit right on rockabilly dresses brings in so many potential places which need the perfect sizing – chest to bust, waist and hips being the obvious ones. Body length, arm width, sleeve length add in some further complexity. Not to mention skirt length, not just where the hem sits on your legs, but where the skirt starts and how the hips flare.

All these things combined make them really complex to fit well without resorting to stretch fabrics all of the time.


black pin up in 50s style vintage sun dress made from separates

Matching sets


Instead we’ve created a range of lines which are made to match. Meaning you can select tops and skirts made from the same fabric.

If you’re really busty with a small waist, no problem! Or are quite straight up and down, no problem!  You can pick the best fit sizes from across the range and create the look of a dress with the perfect match for you.

The extra bonus for you here is that, you can add these into your current wardrobe and create even more outfit options.


We focus elsewhere


Fit isn’t the only issue. We’d happily spend hours creating and testing multiple versions of each dress to make sure that what you got was gold. But we decided rather than focus on rockabilly dresses, we’d focus on jeans.

You can read in a blog here where we talk about our size range, how we created our classic jeans range. The crux of the point here is this. We made a decision that when it came to spending hours and hours working on a particular items fit we wouldn’t focus on dresses, but on our jeans range.

When we first launched our rockabilly jeans range we were one of the first to bring out a truly high waist jeans which had a slim to skinny leg. It just wasn’t the trend at the time so you couldn’t find it elsewhere. Other retro brands had jeans but not with a traditional waist line or a classic western style pocket etc.

We could have kept on the path we were on and made loads of dresses, in fact we have designs and samples and patterns cut to make rockabilly pin up dresses. Yet they have never made it into production.

Our classic jeans range is really exciting to us and where we wanted to invest our energy so we could bring you unique styles, well made with a great fit.


So, we don’t do vintage 50s Rockabilly Dresses but where does?!


Here’s our guide to some of the best places to buy everything from true vintage to vintage inspired.



Cherry Dollface



Crash the party

Lucky Dry Goods

Shop From The Past

Surrealist Vintage


UK Brands

We have listed our favourites, there are some much bigger brands. We like that these are women owned and in some cases make with vintage material so you get something really unique

Miss Fortune

Di Brooks of OuterLimitz

Miss Bamboo

Hayday Vintage Style



Again there are of course other brands, but these are predominantly female owned. In most cases, we’ve either own(ed) or seen items from these companies and know what their quality is like. They are our favourites because they have unique styles and don’t always repeat the same items for years on end. We love helping you curate and develop your own individual and unique style.

Micheline Pitt

Trashy Diva

Stop Staring

Bernie Dexter

Tatyana Boutique


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