Lady K Loves Ethical and Sustainable Face Masks

11th September 2020

Keep yourself & the people you love safe with our Face Masks

It’s the hottest accessory this season, you don’t just need 1 you need a whole wardrobe worth. Face masks have gone from feeling a little alien, to a key part of our day to day dress. Lady K Loves is proud to release their first range of face masks. Lady K Loves face masks have been made from matching fabric for our AW 2020 new items & ranges.

Using deadstock and organic cottons, all Lady K Loves products are made ethically & sustainably. Deadstock fabrics are sourced from specialist merchants in Delhi, meaning rather than heading to landfill, textiles are given a new life.

Not only can you stylishly match your outfit, the masks, along with offering protection for yourself & those around you, have an extra benefit too. All profits from face masks sales are donated to Rukmininarayan Memorial Trust in India.

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What does Rukmininarayan Memorial Trust do?


They work to provide scholarships & sponsorship for children to go to school in Karnataka, a rural India near Bangalore, South India. While there are government schools in this area, children and the schools still need additional help with the basics such as books & pens

The aim of the Trust is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to be educated. Run by 3 brothers, who all now run their own businesses because they had the privilege to be educated, they understand how important & how life changing an education can be. Ashok Rathod, part founder of the Trust says ‘It feels very important to know we are helping the children. Every child should have the chance to be educated & knowing we are helping feels like we are supporting God’s work’

Why is education so important?

When you give a child an education, you’re often giving them something which their parents may not have. With an education, the ability to read & write, understand maths, and complex problem solving you help someone understand the world around them. This in turn helps them to see and create more opportunities in their world. In many cases this can help to end generations of poverty.

School children in India are given lunch each day, in some cases, this can mean that they get a meal that day when it isn’t guaranteed at home. Skipping one or two meals may not seem like a bit thing, in the UK we’re perhaps on the other end of the scale, with food so readily available we couldn’t comprehend the challenges faced by missing meals. Regularly missing meals as a child has long lasting effects, from a reduced immune system,  reduced development for both their bodies & brains & changes in behaviour, such as being unusually irritable, slow or anxious.

In time the Trust is keen to be able to support by providing uniforms for the children & expand the number of schools they work with.


Want to help? Here’s 2 really easy ways to support


1 – Head to Lady K Loves & buy a face mask for 3

2 – Lady K Loves are accepting donations for Rukmininarayan Memorial Trust, get in touch to find out how to donate directly.

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