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Limited Edition & Ethical Fashion | Unique Vintage from Lady K Loves

Limited Edition & Ethical Fashion | Unique Vintage from Lady K Loves

Published: 14th September 2017

all our Rockabilly Jeans are in limited edition

The Our focus By Lady K Loves is a limited edition clothing brand. We specialise in vintage styled clothing, which is ethically and sustainably made, in limited numbers.

If you’re struggling to find an item on our site, it may well have sold out. With our styles being limited edition it may not come back.

Maybe you missed out on something you totally fell in love with. Sadly that item you’ve just fallen in love with which only has an XS left isn’t going to come back in your size and here is why.

This isn’t a once upon a time we turned up to a party in the same thing as someone else story, actually, it’s more the other way around.

 Rockabilly Clothing 50s rockabilly dresses worn by pin up model of colour

Why is your clothing Limited Edition?

Lady K Loves is based around one designer’s vision, having spent years making their own clothes it’s really hard to design something, fall in love with it, then see loads of people wearing the same thing. One of the core aims of Lady K Loves is to make sure you’re not wearing the same things as everyone else! If you’re more used to shopping in charity shops and in an ad hoc way, shopping in a branded way is a new experience. It’s a habit built into our personal style, finding treasures which no one else has.

We also found when we were producing items in the UK that the fabric market in the UK was pretty small, this mean we saw other repro brands using the same or similar fabrics, so if we did a run of something, we only did it once, to if someone else did use that fabric, it wouldn’t happen again.


How does using deadstock fabric help?

Once we moved over to production in India this mindset worked well for us too. We use a network of surplus & deadstock suppliers, they have sample designs and end of lines. When a factory produces fabric, they might need to make 50,000 meters. For the factory 500 – 5000 isn’t much, plus often machines are set to make at least that extra in case there are any issues with the initial set up. It gives time to check the quality and have excess to work with if there are any issues or faults.  During our visits to our fabric suppliers, we have on occasion seen the same fabric there on a subsequent visit. However, it’s not reliable, which we love! It means if we love that fabric and it’s right to use, we buy it. If we’re not sure, it gets left and some other designer gets to enjoy the fabric.

This also works well for us in terms of our ethical and sustainable direction too. At Lady K Loves we focus using overstock, deadstock, surplus and sample fabrics, using resources which would otherwise be wasted


Are your jeans limited edition?

That said, our denim range is a part of our core products. We know how much you guys love them, we love our denim range too. We promise to not only  keep and restock all denim styles, but keep releasing more. By the same reasoning, items like our skirts and trousers in black, we know are wardrobe staples and so we’ll keep them going, the fabric will be similar, but will vary from batch to batch.

Truly Unique Vintage Style

The really great part to of all of this is you get something unique! In a market which is full of company’s producing the same styles every season, we bring you something new. You won’t see items going into a clearance sale only to find them brought back out the next year.

Model wearing our Rockabilly Jeans

Image features Lydia in Coral, Le Wild jeans in black & tan felt hat

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