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Jeans notice!

Jeans notice!

Published: 31st January 2018

We’ve just had another delivery of our bestselling jeans, Classic & Hug Me Baby.

Over the last few years the price for our jeans has risen. The original pricing was set 4 years ago and things have changed a lot in that time.

During these price changes we have absorbed the increases for our customers. As we’ve also had to change some of our suppliers, we wanted to make sure we were would be able to maintain the quality and have a steady supply of stock in before we raised any prices.

Now is the time, from 5th February prices for all indigo jeans will rise to £70. We have offered them for the current price of £65 for the first week of sales. We will do the same process with the black jeans which are due to turn up shortly too. Making sure we offer them firstly to our mailing list customers, then putting them live across our social media. We received stock of black jeans on Friday 16th February and the price will change from £65 to £70 on Friday 23rd February .

We’ll also be getting another order in with the factory ASAP, please don’t worry that some sizes have sold out already…..some customers bought as much as 4 style and size options when they were first released! Keep an eye on the stock levels as the size you are looking for will come back in as an exchange soon. Not sure what size or style you need? Check out this guide!

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