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20th May 2014

Rockabilly jeans that fit your super curves

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect fitting high waisted jeans. How it feels if your waist is one size, your hips at least the size above. Therefore your dreams of those perfect high waisted shorts or jeans have become a shopping nightmare. The changing room has become a place of disappointment as you find yourself constantly trying on jeans or shorts, which haven’t been made with your body shape in mind. You’ve long given up on being able to ever find that elusive style that will fit without a belt to bring the waist right in or expensive alteration…..

Cry no more!

As here at Lady K Loves, we believe all women should be able to feel great in their denim, regardless of their body shape. Above all, we believe those beautiful curves shouldn’t restrict your wardrobe. We cut our rockabilly jeans with real women’s bodies in mind, taking into consideration real woman’s hip to waist ratio, creating the high waisted shorts and jeans which will hug those beautiful curves. Hug Me Baby’s our high waisted shorts and jeans and are here to rescue you.

Check out our size guide to find out which sizes best fits your body.

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