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Measuring Yourself For Our Rockabilly Jeans

Measuring Yourself For Our Rockabilly Jeans

Published: 3rd May 2016

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How to measure for Jeans?

We often get asked how to measure for our rockabilly jeans.

In fact, do you know what the most asked question LKL HQ is?

‘I’d totally in love with your Hug Me Baby jeans, but I’m in between sizes, what should I do?’

Well, fear not, we’re here to help, there’s a really handy size guide right here, or you can just drop us an email at and we’ll help you work it out.

But if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to try working it out yourself, here’s our guide on how to measure for jeans.

Firstly grab your self a tape measure, and remember this, clothes sizes have changed to reflect our bodies changing (for the most part growing) over the years, the only thing that is a true reflection of you, is your reflection. Don’t worry about the label. Worry about if you feel and look good. Yeah? Yeah!

So, now you’re armed with a tape measure and a sense of reassurance that you’re beautiful and people love you. Here’s how to measure for jeans… Measure around your natural waist first of all. For most of us this is a couple of inches higher than your belly button. Jot this number down, we’re based in the UK so our sizing is in inches. You can convert cm to inches here

Now measure around 6″ lower than your waistline to get your hip measurement, as a rough guide if you put your wrists on your natural waistline, where your fingertips finish on your hips is what we’re after. Jot this down too.

The way it works is this,

our Classics Jeans are cut for a difference of around 10″. This is the ‘average’ hip to waist difference and work for most people. If you’re more like 8″ difference, go for the smaller size.

Hug Me Baby’s are cut for girls with 12″+ difference between their hips and their waist. For the most part, you KNOW if you’re this body shape. you can NEVER get anything to fit,  your waist is tiny, your hips/ass is pretty full. Years of frustration.

Polly’s are based on the Classic block, they have a shorter rise and so are perfect for petite women. We’ve seen them look great on people from 8″ difference between their waist & hips all the way to 13″.

Le Wild, well…..let live up to their name and are a total wild card. With a straight leg and a side zip, they fit an assortment of body shapes. basically if you love them, unless you have a crazy hip to waist ratio, they should fit you and look great! I’ve seen girls with only 6″ – 8″ difference rock these, all the way up to 12″ so, for the most part, you can too.

If in doubt, get in touch, we’re always happy to help you find the right style.


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