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23rd July 2021

How to create a capsule wardrobe

how to create a capsule wardrobe

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Anyone else endlessly jealous of that person they follow on IG who seems to always look so well put together while on holiday? Everything matches; their accessories are always on point, they seem to have had more time to get ready before they head out, somehow it’s like watching a comic book character because their outfits always just look like them. Well wonder no longer, you have been watching someone master the art of packing & quite likely perfecting a capsule wardrobe.

In this blog post, we are going to talk you through how to create & put together your own vintage-inspired capsule wardrobe to create the perfect holiday outfits without taking everything you own. This is super handy when you only have carry-on luggage, but even if you’re mostly staycationing these days, it can save you much needed space.

But… What’s the point of creating a capsule wardrobe?

Summer Outfits 2021 Inspiration | Capsule Wardrobe

The aim of a capsule wardrobe is to create many outfits from a selected collection of items. Versatile items are your friends. A wrap skirt you can wear 2 – 3 ways has a lot more potential than an item that can only be worn one way.

Separates are your friend here too, as you can mix & match them with a range of items, in some cases with matching fabrics to create the look of a dress, while giving you the versatility of individual pieces. 

How to create a capsule wardrobe

1 – pick the main clothing item or accessory you’re keen to wear while you’re away. (there are some ideas below on where to start if you’re not sure)

2 – find all the items in your wardrobe which look great with that item & fit you (honestly, I’ve been there before where I ‘hope pack’ that something will fit me… it doesn’t & you end up with less to wear! Try things on before they go into your suitcase.)

3 – take your favourite matched items & match other items to them, i.e. you started with a skirt, so take one of the tops you matched to your key skirt & find new items, preferably not skirts, which match this.

4 – repeat until you have around 3 tops & bottoms which are interchangeable.

5 – how long are you away for? Do the combinations give you enough outfits? What are you doing while your’re away? Do you have something appropriate which you’ll feel great wearing for each day? There’s no point talking all skirts when you have a day hiking to visit a waterfall for instance, shorts might be better on that day.

6 – pack accessories & underwear around the outfits. You’re looking to reduce how much you take to pick one pair of trainers or pumps, 1 pair of flats & 1 pair of heels

If you’re still unsure, why not let us lead by example…

Here’s an example of our capsule wardrobe:

Let’s say we’re going away for 5 days to a city break to a town by the sea; we’re hoping to go to dinner & a gig one night, out for a nice dinner another, a day site seeing by the beach a couple of day trips too. We pack the following…

Tabatha in cream/white + Limer Navy, + Doralee in blue birds + Teresa in red paisley + Wanda in indigo. – we get 6 outfits from 5 items. Mix in another top, say our Badass Babes tee in red & white baseball style & you have 9 outfits from 6 items!

We would then pack 1 pair of white pumps, like Cons or Vans or Keds, a pair of red wedge hessian heels (Castaner makes high quality & sustainable ones!), & some light tan leather flats (Rothys makes iconic comfortably, eco-friendly flats made out of recycled bottles.) All these shoes would be interchangeable with each outfit. A cream string plaited belt and an (eco-friendly) leather belt. Maybe a straw wide-brimmed sunhat or relaxing & a red peaked hat for day trips. 1 big tote, possibly woven wicker, & 1 small clutch made from eco-leather or cork & you’ are away!

Dinner & gig outfitLimer + Teresa + pumps

Dinner in a nice restaurantWanda + Tabatha + clutch & heels

Beach day Doralee + Tabatha + pumps + tote + wide-brimmed hat

Day tripLimer + Badass Babe T + a red visor (we’re bringing them back right) + pumps + tote

You get the picture, and your IG feed will look perfectly curated from your trip away!

Ok sounds great but where do I start…?!

priscilla wendy edited | Capsule Wardrobe

Here are 3 ways you can work out how to create & structure a capsule wardrobe.

1 What are your favourite colours? – try creating a palette of 2 – 4 colours all in the same tone. Pull everything from your wardrobe which matches that & then lay out outfits from these pieces. Focus on the tone of the colour, if it’s pastel, don’t add in a bold bright version of the same colour, or match with a bold complementary colour. The key here is to keep the same feel of all the colours.

For instance, I love leopard, peach/coral, teal & denim. I know I could find every item in my wardrobe matching these colours with some neutral whites added in & create a lot of outfits. I’d then only need 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of pumps & 1 pair of sandals to match all of these outfits & my accessories.

2 What are your favourite items? – If you’re not sure where to start, pick out your most loved item, the one that makes you feel great whenever you wear it. What colours are in there? Say it is a skirt with gold, black & white, which you love to wear with a red top. Do you have shorts & a skirt which match this top? And 3 other tops which match the skirt & the other bottoms? Mix in with some gold jewellery, gold heels, a black clutch bag & a wide brimmed hat etc… You get the picture!

3Pretend you’re a cartoon character! I know it sounds silly, but here’s the thing, go back & rewatch any episode of the first season Riverdale & you’ll see Cheryl Blossom always in red & black. Or the Scooby-Doo gang, where, whatever the occasion, Daphne is always wearing purple & green, even her swimming costume is this colour combination! Or the old Smallville/Superman programme, Clarke Kent is always in a blue top with a red outer layer. Of course you don’t have to go that far, but what are your colours? You can always ask your best friend for help on this if you’re unsure!

Now get packing & tag us in your photo’s!

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