Skinny High Waist Jeans | How to care for your vintage denim

4th February 2015

How to care for your Lady K Loves jeans

We are all about skinny high waisted jeans. And we know you love your rockabilly jeans so much! From skinny jeans for curvy bodies to skinny high waisted jeans for petite frames. How you care for them really matters. Looking after your jeans will make a huge difference to how they last and their fit. Our guide below is how we like to look after our best-going-out-looking-fancy-pair. That pair for cleaning out the garage can be treated in a totally different way.

If you are still looking for your perfect pair of high waisted jeans, you can check out our size guide here, or start browsing our product listings here!

So here’s our advice on how to care for your denim in the best way:

Our wearing and use of jeans have changed dramatically over the years, they are far more a fashion item than the hard-wearing workwear they started life out as.
While we do have a wash care label, here’s a deeper dive into keeping your jeans looking fresh for longer.

Ready for the shocker?
1 – Reduce the number of times you wash them if you can help it. The less you wash them, the less the fabric gets thrown around and rubbed against itself. The threads don’t get worn down and all of those tiny micro-particles stay where you want them to, on your jeans.

This will help keep the colour too and give you that lovely organic fade as you wear them (you know the one some brands spray on?) We don’t, because we use great quality denim, which is medium to heavyweight, so it wears down slowly and takes on natural tones.

2 – Wanna keep them in great shape? Go easy on them knees baby! When you get home from work, put on your comfies, sitting cross-legged, on your knees, or anything which means you’re stretching the knees out will ruin the shape. So when you can, avoid it. This is the same for any trousers or tight skirts. Indoor clothes, for indoor lounging.

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Okay so how do I clean my jeans?

3 – A damp cloth & a steam iron can go a long way to take out surface dirt. Simply sponge or dab the cloth to take off the dirt. Use your iron on a steam setting to refresh the fibres. You can add in nice sent or fabric freshener too. Tests have shown the amount of dirt or bacteria in jeans after 1 week or 1 year, is pretty much the same. Washing them after every wear doesn’t reduce the amount of bacteria so why bother!

4 – But they’re really dirty! If they need a machine wash, turn them inside out and do on a 30 degree quick wash. This will basically give them a quick rinse and tighten them back up.  Keeping them inside out helps to keep the colour in so less fading, and less likely to ruin other things in the wash too. It will also help avoid creases showing on your rockabilly jeans, or the dreaded crease fade you can get on true indigo cotton jeans. Our jeans very rarely have this issue, but this is the best way to avoid it all around.

5 – Wanna keep them looking fresh for longer? Avoid the tumble drier. Tumble driers kill your clothes. If you can, use it for things like towels, hoodies, socks, gym kit, you get the jist.

We’d suggest, keeping your really nice stuff out of the tumble drier. Air drying is far better and will help the longevity of your garments. It’s also a lot better for the environment with reduced electricity usage and micro-fibres

Once your rockabilly jeans are washed, pull them flat, so the creases in the leags are smoothed out. Then lay them flat and either hang to dry on the washing line or on a radiator, clothes horse whatever, but flat, smoothed out to remove creases and not in the tumble drier.

Lastly, put your high waisted jeans back on and think, ‘Oh jeeze these are tight!’, then go out and have fun.

If you think you’ll forget… Download this simple guide to your phone so you always have it at the ready!

Jeans Wash care | How to care for your Lady K Loves jeans

How do I wash & look after my jeans?

1 – Reduce the number of times you wash the to help the fibres
2 – Switch to comfies when you get home rather than sit around in your favourite jeans
3 – Use a damp cloth & steam iron to take out light marks & restore the shape
4 – Machine wash on low & turn inside out to keep colour lasting for longer.
5 – Air dry & avoid the tumble drier to protect the fibres.

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