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1st October 2021

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog or even just keep up with our socials, you’ll know that we’re firm believers on being a badass is actually all just a state of mind. Everything else is an added bonus. And being a badass ultimately starts with your confidence, which, yep, you guessed it… we have a blog post all about which you can read here. And that starts from within. If you feel good in yourself, everything else will soon follow. This is a motto we tend to live by.

As always, grab yourself a cup of something warm, and let’s get into it. It might be a long one!

So, what does it mean to be a badass?

The definition of Badass varies depending on who you ask. It’s a personal thing.

You might ask one person what they think it means to be a badass and they’ll maybe refer to something like a character from an action film. And then someone else could say it’s about how you dress, which is why it’s so important to find out what it means to you personally.

To us, it’s one of those things that starts from within and is more of a mindset more than anything else.

Sure, we have blog posts about the aesthetics of being a badass such as our Bad Girl Wardrobe Staples & 50s Bad Girl Clothing blog posts. But aesthetics are really just the tip of the iceberg here. It’s all about what comes from within.

So with that, let’s talk mindset.

The Badass Mindset

As we said earlier, being a badass & what that looks like will depend strongly on who you ask, so what the badass mindset looks like to us may be different to yours, or someone who lives down the road.

We think the badass mindset ultimately comes down to confidence. And, we repeat: if you feel good in yourself, everything else will soon follow. Just like the badass mindset, confidence looks and feels different to everyone. So it’s important to connect to what feeling confident means to you.

Once you find it, you’ll find it much easier to achieve. In our Dressing for Confidence blog post, we compiled a list of a few of our favourite key ways to build your confidence & feel better in yourself.

For me, the badass mindset feels and looks like being authentically myself at all times – unapologetically.

As well as honouring my own wants and needs, while also having the strength to look at things that aren’t working and changing them. Whether that be dysfunctional relationships or habits that don’t serve me, having the strength & courage to actually acknowledge that these things just aren’t working and then letting go… That’s badassery right there.

If you’re anything like me, letting go can be a real challenge when you first start to do it more frequently. But when you keep at it, you’ll begin to realise just how powerful of a skill it is.

Having the strength to persevere is another big one. You know those days where it feels like you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders? Yeah. I think everyone is familiar with that! Getting through those days is actually a major achievement. And you should be giving yourself a pat on the back for doing that. Go you! Frida Kahlo is a prime example of this.

All of these things are empowering to me, and empowerment is also equally as important in the badass equation. So find what feels empowering to you and do it, then you’ll be well on your way to being the ultimate badass.

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We asked our Girl Gang what they think… Here are our favourite responses

What does being a badass mean to you?

Confidence in yourself and those around you, stability in your identity, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, and the absolute conviction and commitment to deconstructing and demolishing the patriarchal, oppressive and discriminatory systems that subjugate minorities around the world. Being a badass is being unapologetically you. Even if it’s not every day, even if it’s every day, when you are honest and true to yourself you are a f**king badass.” – Tessa

Being confident in the person I am and not caring what others think of me! I am awesome the way I am!” – Elizabeth

“For me, it’s being able to stand your ground and face obstacles even if you’re terrified” – Alex

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What makes you feel like a badass?

My clothing makes me feel like a queen every day. When I get dressed up in my ‘40s, 50s, 60 even 90s goth gear I feel like I can do anything. Taking the time to style my hair and makeup makes me feel like I could do anything. I love to inspire other people to explore their own dress and style through my own – I love it. So when other people dress up like me – or even in any way – that makes THEM feel like a badass. My education is my secret weapon. Even though I don’t use my master’s degree, I am so proud I have it. I love that I have had the ability to get a good education and no one can take that away from me. It makes me feel like a badass when I can help educate, train and inspire others to learn a new skill, learn anything new and feel confident within themselves. Also when small babies and dogs like me an smile and laugh it makes me feel like a badass princess.” – Tessa

I feel like clothing helps the feeling, but my attitude and a good song sure make me feel awesome!” – Elizabeth

Red lips, doc martens and a leather jacket ” – Alex

Who is your favourite badass icon?

“Hedy Lamar. Always. And my Grandmother – she will always be my ultimate idol.” – Tessa

“Oh goodness, this is tough, there are so many! I would say, as gentle as she was, Audrey Hepburn! She was a mover and a shaker and did so many badass things!” – Elizabeth

Debbie Harry” – Alex

So, how can you go about achieving being a badass and adopting the mindset?

To start off, I’m sure you’re getting tired of me saying this, but confidence is everything. Our Dressing for Confidence blog post has got you covered for this one.

Next, it’s identifying what being a badass means to you. Is it someone who doesn’t take any shit? Someone who is unapologetically themselves? Or is it someone who goes after what they want and doesn’t stop until they get it? Or something else entirely…?

Then, you need to shift your mindset. Who is this badass person you’re imagining? How do they think? What do they do, that you currently don’t? Work towards being this person. For example, if they own their own business and that’s something you want to do, make a plan and start working towards it. Baby steps!

Even if you think something like creating your own business seems unachievable, it’s not. Remind yourself you can do whatever it is you want. Manifestation is a good tool to use here, if you believe in that stuff. Whatever it is that gets you going, there’s no right or wrong way. Just do it!

Another little trick I use is affirmations. It’s simple really, and you can adapt it to what works best for you. There are a few ways you can incorporate affirmations into your daily routine. An easy one is writing down your affirmations (e.g “I am a badass”…) and sticking them where you most often find yourself; your mirror, bathroom, next to your bed, etc.

Another way is looking at yourself in the mirror and speaking your affirmations out loud. Yes, you can whisper if you don’t want others to hear – don’t worry! Even consciously thinking them in your head works. You do you, babe.

One of my personal favourites is journalling/scripting. First thing in the morning, write out your affirmations. Read them throughout the day. And then at night, write them out again. How do you feel by the end of the day?

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What do you do to become a badass?

How to be a badass

1 – Be confident in yourself. Work on your mindset to build confidence. Confidence comes from knowing yourself so you can speak up for yourself and others.
2 – Find an icon who you think is badass (your mum, Debbie Harry, Harley Quinn, they don’t have to be real people!) then ask yourself, what would Hedy Lemarr do?
3 – Work on your style. Nothing says confidence like stepping into a room with your head held high! Find clothing and outfits which give you power and make sure you wear those when you need an extra confidence boost!
4 – Let go of what doesn’t do you good. That person or thing that isn’t supporting you. Let it go (I know it’s damn scary!). But keeping things that don’t feed your confidence will only hold you back from being a badass!

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