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18th December 2020

How Old Hollywood icons spent Christmas?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! People are opening up their presents from Santa, indulging on mince pies & cracking open the Buck’s Fizz as they celebrate Christmas Day. In particular, Christmas is considered the best time for a family get together. Disconnecting from everyday stress and connecting with life is the main thing which people usually do during festive holidays and being with family is the best thing you can do for spreading love, laughter, gratitude, warmth & smiles.

But how our favourite Classic Hollywood icons used to spend Christmas?

Despite all of the glamour that’s associated with Old Hollywood starlets, they really were just like us  & these photos of them enjoying Christmas are proof! Just in time for the approaching holidays, let’s take a look back at the pretty wreaths, trees, and holiday cheer that was spread by some of our favourite stars from the ’50s and onward.

Audrey Hepburn(1950)

She loved traveling, especially for Christmas! In 1950 Audrey celebrated Christmas in Rome exploring the city. She looked pint-sized compared to the massive decorated tree the actress is posing next to!

Josephine Baker(1956)

The famed entertainer spent her Christmas day with her children in her French chateau. Josephine Baker and her husband, Jo Bouillon, adopted 12 children together and lived in a countryside residence called Les Milandes.




Rita Hayworth(1949)

Rita Hayworth spent her holiday in Switzerland. We’d like to follow the lead of Rita Hayworth and escape to the Swiss Alps for the holiday season! The screen siren spent her holidays in Mürren with her family in 1949.


Sophia Loren(1953)

We know that in 1953 Sophia had a very traditional Christmas. She was in Italy at home (Rome) spending time with her family. In the picture below you can see her putting together her Christmas nativity scene.
sophia loren decorant une creche de noel a rome italie le news photo 1575393764 | Christmas: How Old Hollywood icons spent Christmas?


Marilyn Monroe(1954)

There are some rare photographs of Marilyn opening her presents on Christmas Day in 1954. She spent Christmas with Milton and Amy Greene at their home in Connecticut, and there were photos taken by Milton Greene.

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Grace Kelly(1955)

Grace Kelly was asked for her hand in marriage by Prince Rainier of Monaco over Christmas 1955. It is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged, and for Grace it was no different. She met him in April in Cannes and the pair had corresponded ever since. Rainier decided to spend Christmas with Grace and he traveled to her family home in Philadelphia. She introduced him to her family and according to her sister Lizanne, the pair spent Christmas 1955 ‘walking in the woods, driving through the mountains, and talking about life and values.

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Lucille Ball(1957)

Christmas gave many Classic Hollywood icons a chance to relax and spend time with their loved ones and Lucille decided to spend Christmas with her family. Her and Desi Arnaz nailed the aprés ski look while spending the holidays in the snow with their two children.

american actress lucille ball with her husband desi arnaz news photo 1575393787 | Christmas: How Old Hollywood icons spent Christmas?

Elizabeth Taylor(1968)

“One day I’m going to find you the most perfect ruby in the world” was the romantic promise Richard Burton once made to Elizabeth Taylor. The Welshman went on to add, “It’s my favorite stone, red for Wales.” For Christmas 1968 they settled down in their chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland with their children. A winter wonderland, Gstaad was an ideal place for a cozy Christmas. Richard gave her the stunning jewel on that Christmas day.


Elizabeth later recounted: “I opened the box very, very slowly. Inside it glowed with the fire of the most perfect colored stone I’d ever seen. With the most perfect cut. I’m sure I almost fainted. I screamed, which probably echoed over the mountains, and I couldn’t stop screaming. I knew I was staring at the most exquisite ruby anyone had ever seen.”

Merry Christmas from Elizabeth Taylor classic actresses 41814887 707 800 | Christmas: How Old Hollywood icons spent Christmas?



Ella Fitzgerald(1970)

Ella Fitzgerald celebrated on television. She joined ’70s star, Tom Jones, on the set of his show This Is Tom Jones for a special holiday episode. The jazz singer wore a blue sparkly dress amidst a set full of Christmas decorations.
What’s your Christmas day plans? Although this year might be a little different, we can still meet our family & upkeep the tradition of dressing up for Christmas Day. Take a look at our Christmas outfit inspo!