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Halloween – Let’s Play

Halloween – Let’s Play

Published: 25th October 2016

So it’s time to make sure you have the perfect games ready for all of your party guests, if that’ just you and your cat, or you and 50 of your nearest and dearest, you gotta keep them entertained. When it comes to party games you’ve got the sweet traditional options, and then the more modern or alcohol friendly options, though we at Lady K Loves like to think that you can make any game a drinking game.

There’s the classic Bobbing for Apples, with apples in a bowl or barrel of water. Each participant tries to catch an apple only with their mouth. You can play a similar game with apples or treats tied to a washing line.

Pin the tail on the Hell Cat is another family friendly game, blindfold each contestant spin them around, then face them at the board with tail in hand! Please use an illustration, and please don’t let your cat play with knives.  Both of these games can be easily made into drinking opportunities; You fail? You drink.

Tell ghost stories – cuddle up, get cosy, get out the blankets hot chocolate and marshmallows to melt on a fire, if you’ve got a camp fire that’s the best! If you’re at home, why not turn down the lights, get some candles lit and light up the story tellers face with a torch.
 picture from www.kagavi.com by Shawn Dickinson/
Stories not quite real enough for you? How about some fortune telling with tarot cards? Fill the room with incense, turn down the lights, and practice your most mysterious voice. 
Keep it simple with the major cards only three options, past, present and future. Ask a question and then wait for the answers to be revealed! Check out sites like Biddy Tarot for expansive means of each card.

Not exciting enough for you? You can always try the classic Ouiju Board from Bristol design Forge



If this ones doesn’t do it for you, you could use it as a place mat and coaster for all your Gothic needs! 

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