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4th September 2019

Pin up girl, Marylin Monroe lookalike. wearing a red lip and lady k loves skirt, and smiling

We spoke to Jasmine Chiswell about everything, from self-care tips to dream coffee dates. Jasmine Chiswell is a vintage fashion Instagrammer and Youtuber. Not only is the Marylin Monroe lookalike adorable (I mean, seriously, check out her Instagram!), but she is also a total badass babe.

Continue reading for her self-care tips, some insight into what being a part of the vintage community is like, and a discussion on how social media can impact our mental health.


Jasmine told us “Self-care is so important, it means so much to me. I believe that it’s something everyone should do for themselves. You are important, and you need to take time for yourself, to make sure that you know that you are loved, not only by anyone else but by yourself. I believe that if you can love yourself then you can love other people, you can love other things and you will do wonders!”



How do you make time for self-care? What are your self-care tips?


For me, I always like to do my skincare routine in the morning and the night, that’s a way I make some time for myself. An important self-care tip is that if you ever feel overwhelmed or you feel like you have anxiety or anything like that, stop, and take some deep breaths. Take five, ten minutes, an hour, whatever it is that you need to feel calm.


I love having a bath and reading a book. That’s me going ‘I’m taking some time because I don’t want to deal with anything right now’. Make sure that once or twice a day you take however long it is you need to take some time for yourself because it’s so important. I’m so happy and I have found that taking some time for myself has helped so much. It makes me feel much more calm, like I can deal with things better, instead of stressing over things and having it build up, that’s one thing you don’t want.


If you need to talk to somebody, then talk to somebody. I always talk to people, be it Maverik or my dad back home. Try and give yourself some time every single day. It doesn’t matter if you need it once an hour, because it all depends on the person!



Do you think that social media impacts our mental health?


I would say it depends on the person. Sometimes I have ups and downs with social media because it’s very much focused on how many likes do you get, what time you post, what hashtags, your growth etc. It’s like a battle even within yourself. You can question ‘did people not like that outfit? Did they not like that post?’ I had a thing where I thought people didn’t like seeing my armpits, because I posted a few pictures with my arm in the air and my armpits out, and those pictures didn’t do very well for me…But I just laugh, because I’m like, ok people don’t want to see my armpits! I get it, I’ve made a mental note. Sometimes I can just laugh, but sometimes I think ‘I really liked that picture what happened?!’


The best thing is to take social media with a pinch of salt. Some people don’t use it every day, some people use it every now and then, some people forget to check it, or maybe they didn’t see your picture in the feed. You have to remind yourself that that is the way that it is. Especially if you have a company or influencer page. I’ve had to remind myself ‘someone is on holiday right now, they’re not going to see my picture today, as they’re sunning it up on the beach!’  And just keep going.


I made my social media for everyone, not just me. I love posting my outfits, talking and making videos, so I remind of that because I sometimes get down about it. If I find myself questioning why things didn’t do well because I always want to do well in what I do, I remind myself it is just for fun, even now that social media has turned into more of a business for me it should be fun. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy helping people and speaking to people.


I’m from the generation that had dial-up. So I get social media 100% but then I don’t know how the young kids do it! If you have to take a break, then take a break. It will always be there. Treat it like your work if that’s what it’s about for you, treat it like a 9 – 5 and chose your hours.



Has the vintage community affected or improved your mental health?


If I’m honest, I would say it’s a bit of both. The people who comment every single day on my photo’s make me realise that there are so many good people out there. It really uplifts me. It’s nice to have support from others, to know that people have a similar style and aesthetic as you,  makes you feel like you’re not alone and that’s nice!


There has been some negativity and it’s hard to not let that show through or say that it’s not affected me in any way. It’s like anything, nothing is all positive. There’s always something which isn’t as good. I remind myself that there are so many people that do support me. I’m so honoured to have that and be a part of this community. The way I dress isn’t the norm. It’s nice to have people who have had the same experience and to tell each other stories and laugh together because that’s so important.


How did you get into the vintage and pin up scene?


It was kind of random to be honest! I started dressing vintage in early 2018. I was going to Morphe Cosmetics in Burbank. We couldn’t find a parking spot to we ended up parking outside Beseam Cosmetics. I had no idea who they were at the time! That’s when I fell in love with the pin up stuff. They caught my eye because they had Snow White stickers on the door and I’m a SUCKER for Disney. I was drawn in at that point. I fell in love with the make up and the aesthetic. I’ve always loved Old Hollywood, the actresses, the makeup and how they dressed. I’d always wanted to try it but was too scared to go out there and just do it. It’s intimidating to just try something new, something which isn’t the norm. I can’t look back; it’s really changed my life. It’s made me feel that I am who I am and that I have found myself.


If you could have coffee with anyone who would it be?


I really wanted to meet Albert Einstein, I know this sounds weird but I love science and maths. I want to ask him really bizarre questions to see if he is as he’s made out to be. Also I want to have coffee with Marylin Monroe. I want to find out how she did her makeup and hair. And I just to know more about her as a person. I do stay in one of her homes so it would be great to know what it was like when she was here.



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