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Autumn Style Tips.

Autumn Style Tips.

Published: 9th September 2019

Model wearing leopard print Lady K Loves Teresa blouse with floaty cap sleeves

As the seasons are beginning to change, we thought it would be perfect time to share our Autumn Style Tips. In the UK the weather is constantly changing, which makes getting dressed in the morning more of a challenge than usual. How you dress should both be practical and make you feel good. Choosing your outfit in the morning should be fun, it shouldn’t become a chore like it can do as Autumn approaches. If you’re finding yourself staring aimlessly into your wardrobe, not to worry, we’ve got you covered!  This week we started our 4 part guide to keeping your summer wardrobe into September and Autumn.

Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, wear what you want is definitely our moto! But if you’re looking for some ideas we’re here to help!


Autumn Style Tip No 1

Vintage 50s style outfit with mix & match circle skirt featurning pockets and square neck sun top.


Brown & Leopard Print

We’re putting these together because they are very similar. The basis being, over summer it feels more natural to mix brights, with brights with brights. As the leaves turn colours it feels instinctive to bring some of this into your look. We’re talking, acorn, conker, bark, you get the vibe.
So how about some tan to chocolate shoes with that green skirt? A leopard print, belt, scarf or bag with something vibrant like our violet skirts & trousers?
There are still plenty of bold colours in nature at this time of year, so be like a flower and mix your brights with browns.


Autumn Style Tip No 2


Just add tights

Simple, huh? That skirt you love or those shorts can still be a part of your wardrobe with a layer of tights!
Whether it’s seamed or seamfree, the little layer can work wonders. Lady K Loves personal preference is to keep tights skin tone while the weather is warmer and the days longer.
Seams look great and make a statement with pencil & wiggle skirts, a signature sexy look within the vintage community.
Shorts and tights were all the rage a while back. Add in a pair of cropped cowboy boots, (extra points for tassels) for a real rock chic look. It’s a surprise outfit for a night out which looks great!
Tights or stockings not your thing? Switch it out to some knee-high statement socks for extra warmth and a fun feel. Be it Clueless cuteness, or retro roller girl, knee-high socks work just as well with boots or peep-toe shoes. Honestly, it sounds odd but looks quirky and stylish. Going bold and brave always gives the impression you’re a wilder dresser than you may actually be!

Autumn Style Tip No 3


Style Inspiration alternative model with bright hair tattooes and ear plugs

Layering can really change an outfit and is a simple way to mix up what you’ve got, change your style a little and ad, or take away warmth. A perfect transitional wardrobe tip as the weather begins to cool down. It gives you the ability to create completely new looks with the pieces collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe, and a chance to be creative with your clothing.

One of our favourite ways to play with this is to add a wrap top or shirt over a dress. Mixing up and moving away from the classic knitted cardigan laying for something usually worn by its self changes the base layer, in this case, a dress, and redefines the layer added on top.

Layering your garments gives you the option to add in more colours, shapes and prints. That favourite halter dress suddenly has a new life with dramatic sleeves from our Teresa wrap top (oh what, there’s a range of plain organic cotton options in the sale?!)

Or go for a classic combination of jeans with a tee & a cardigan. One of our favourite brands for printed cardigans is Mischief Made Me check out their range here.

Our Priscilla blouse makes for great Autumn layering, with the option to wear it unbuttoned, and have tee underneath peeking through, or a blouse on top of a dress can look great – we’ve known our Splendid wrap top to look adorable with a vintage dress underneath.

How about switching it up entirely. Forget layering on the top, wear one of our Darling skirts over a dress!

If you want to keep the layering simple, try introducing scarves to your go-to outfits. They’ll keep you warm, and add to your outfit without you needing to step too far outside of your style comfort zone.

Do you have transitional styling tips you want to share with us? Pop us a message on Facebook!

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