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28th May 2021

How to get the 50s Bad Girl look, with outfit inspiration from badass women

We all love a 50s bad girl. We’re talking the badass babes from Cry Baby, Rizzo from Grease, the list goes on. In this blog post, we talk through our favourite 50’s bad girls, the clothes they wear, and how you can get the look.

What is a “Bad Girl”?

To us, a bad girl isn’t someone who is necessarily bad. A bad girl, in our eyes, is a woman who doesn’t take any shit, rebels against the norm, and stands in her own power by living authentically and unapologetically. This is what we’re all about!

Some of our favourite Bad Girls

Rizzo from Grease

Bettie Page

Liz Taylor (in general, but also when she played Cleopatra)

Wanda Woodword from Cry Baby

Which brings us to…

Key clothing items we see regularly in this theme

Pencil skirts

I think we can all agree that pencil skirts are the pinnacle of 50s bad girl fashion. And you really can’t go wrong with the classic pencil skirt silhouette. The humble pencil skirt itself has so much history which we talk about in our blog post all about pencil skirts here. Seen styled on a multitude of badass women, we love making pencil skirts the base of any bad girl outfit.

Swing dresses

Swing dresses (and skirts alike) are also the epitome of 1950’s bad girl fashion. The base of any good bad girl outfit is a circle skirt/swing dress. “A bad girl who wanted to get by without causing a stir in school would go along and wear button-down shirt dresses, full-circle skirts with a blouse and maybe a patent leather belt to go with it.“ They’re comfortable, flowy, and versatile. You can tailor them to the seasons, and if like us you’re in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the weather going from boiling hot to pouring with rain within a matter of minutes. Tights or thigh high socks one minute, and whip them off the next!

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are also one of those classic items we see in most 50s rockabilly bad girl looks. Easy to style and not to mention super versatile – fancy wearing a skirt? Polo’s go great with them. Not a skirt person? Not to worry – they pair perfectly with capris or cigarette trousers. We mean it when we say polo shirts are for everyone.

Capri pants

Capri trousers – cropped, tight fitting, a staple in any bad girl wardrobe. Originally designed by fashion designer Sonja de Lennart and named after the isle of Capri in Italy. Sonja visited Capri post-war, during an era where women in trousers were barred from reputable places and could even be arrested for wearing men’s clothes. This is how she came up with the idea of Capris – if this isn’t the epitome of bad girl, we don’t know what is!

After being seen frequently on Hollywood stars in the 50s & 60s, mainly Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, capri pants soon became popularised.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets – yeah. The classic badass wardrobe staple. Popular in so many communities; bikers, rockabilly, greasers & the list goes on. And we must say, for really good reason! Leather jackets have been stylish for decades, and are one of the most iconic timeless pieces. Whatever vibe you’re going for, a leather jacket can add a fantastic touch to any outfit.

Are you a fan of the bad girl look? What’s your favourite bad girl fashion statement piece? Connect with us on Instagram & Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!