Rockabilly Clothing: Extended size range | Lady K Loves

13th February 2018

I wish you made your clothes bigger/smaller!

Our customers ask us about extended our size range every so often, and sadly our answer is still the same. We’re a small company. We’re not sad about that! At Lady K Loves we LOVE that those of you who shop with us get something unique and limited to enjoy. We have control over our supply chain. We can make sure that we’re working with ethical companies who have the same approach to fair trade as we do. However since we are a small company we don’t have as much room for error in our margins. We always need to make sure that we have an audience for the stock we’re buying.

You lucky ladies who are an XS or and XXL should go and check out our sale section! I can pretty much pinky promise that the sizes left in stock will be XS but more so XXL.

But what does that mean? Why can’t we go larger or smaller?

When we put an order in with our factory, we try to balance the ratio of items made to match the requirement. Unfortunately since with our current size range we tend to find that we’re left with XS or XXL stock, it’s not as popular as S, M & L, we make less of it.

Rules are put into place by our producers over what can be cut and made. How many size options we can have, in relation to the size of their cutting table. The factory set our cutting ratio, so LKL’s work closely with factories to make sure that what we’re requesting is possible. It needs to be viable for both parties.  It’s important we ensure we aren’t left with loads of one size which isn’t selling. This takes money away from us producing more stock.

It’s always a delicate balance. To ensure that we get a range of exciting clothes, keep stock flowing, and making sure we’re working within what our factories can happily produce at an appropriate price.

As we grow we continue to look at the size range we offer and see if it’s possible for us to broaden it