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Can’t get your head around what to wear as autumn rolls in?
We’ve got you covered with what we’re wearing right now

Leopard Print

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You might have noticed we love leopard print. It’s perfect for this time of year becuase it’s natural tones & patterns reflect the colours all around us in nature rght now! If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere which stays warm as Autumn roles along, opt for light fabrics & layers

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Maybe it’s the warm sunlight, but all black and some flares has us feeling all end of summer over here (and watching Dazed & Confused and Almost Famous),
Priscilla blouses are almost sold out! So nab yours now!

Back in Black

Western Vibes

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Westen vibes always give us an autunal feeling.
Maybe it’s images of pumplin picking, and walking through fallen leaves.

Nothing feels more autumnal than some western style.

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It’s colder, it’s more likely to rain, and maybe it’s all the walking through fallen leaves. But we want boots right now! And jeans to wear with them.

Our fave for this is our Le Wild wide leg style as modeled beautifully by Greta

Wide leg jeans