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Measuring Yourself For Our Jeans

Do you know the most asked question we get at LKL HQ? ‘I’d totally in love with your Hug Me Baby jeans, but I’m in between sizes, what should I do?’ Well, fear not, we’re here to help, just drop […]

3rd May 2016
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Our first trip to India.

Some of you will know we recently went to India to go and visit a new factory and set up production over there. It’s a really exciting opportunity to work with a lovely fair trade factory, which puts a whole […]

18th February 2016
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A little update….where we’ve been and where we’re going.

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at LKL over the past few months, it’s affected a few things, including your orders, so we wanted to make sure that you all knew what had been going on and […]

5th February 2016
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YouTube Channel

We’re diving in to the depths of YouTube! We’re really excited about this,it’s going to be fantastic to be able to share with you what we get up to, projects we’re working on, the fun things we do and be […]

3rd April 2015
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Unique style

We get asked from time to time if we will be restocking item X, and sadly for a lot of you the answer is……we probably won’t be, at least not for a good while.  But there’s a reason for this. […]

21st February 2015
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How to care for you Lady K Loves jeans

We know you love your jeans so much! It’s fantastic getting loads of responses from you all saying that you are so happy that you can finally wear some jeans. So here’s how to look after them in the best […]

4th February 2015
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Spring Summer 15

We’re getting pretty excited here at LKL HQ, in just a few weeks we’ll be shooting images for our early Spring/Summer 15 range. I think you’re all going to love it and will be happy to see something new brought […]

29th January 2015
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Hug Me Baby

Jeans that fit your super curves, You waist is one size, your hips at least the size above, so dreams of those perfect high waist jeans have become a shopping nightmare. You’ve long given up on being able to ever […]

20th May 2014
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