11th June 2021

Wanda: our new denim pencil skirt

Meet our new denim pencil skirt, Wanda… Wanda is our brand new denim pencil skirt. The newest member of our denim & pencil skirt family! Wanda features: A button-down fasteningBranded heart…

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28th May 2021

50s bad girl clothing

How to get the 50s Bad Girl look, with inspiration from badass women We all love a 50s bad girl. We’re talking the badass babes from Cry Baby, Rizzo from Grease, the list goes on. In this blog post, we…

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14th May 2021


A guide to tarot cards for beginners Tarot is a fantastic way to connect to yourself as well as to the universe around you, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much. In this blog post,…

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19th April 2021

Wide Leg Trousers & How to wear them

Wide leg trousers in history Why we love wide leg trousers. Once upon a time women wearing trousers was a thing, as in a thing we didn’t do… In fact, (LKL boss writing this) when I was a secondary…

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1st April 2021

Bettie Page style lessons

Style lessons we’ve learned from the notorious Bettie Page I think it’s safe to say that Bettie Page is one of the biggest pin-up style icons of our time. Who is Bettie Page, you might ask…? Well, if you’ve been…

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19th March 2021

Icons doing exercise

Benefits of Exercise: What did the Icons do? We’ve all heard it – the endless benefits of exercise blah blah. But really, they do exist! We’ve done a bit of research into the physical benefits of exercise as well as…

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5th March 2021

Beach Pyjamas

Beach Pyjamas – the controversial outfit of the 20s Why we love the beach pyjama Beach Pyjamas – maybe it’s because I’m totally missing Summer right now, but recently I’ve been obsessed with beach pajamas. There’s just something about a…

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17th February 2021

Peaky Blinders inspired fashion

How to dress like the Peaky F****** Blinders Ok so we may be a little behind the trend here, but lockdown life has us binging on Peaky Blinders & we’re feeling all inspired from the music and soundtrack to the…

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