28th November 2022

Christmas Gift Guide

Are you in need of some Christmas inspiration? From sustainable jeans, hats and tarot, look no further than our very own gift guide!

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4th November 2021

How to Dress Vintage Everyday

The Lazy Girl Guide to Everyday Vintage You tell someone you’re into vintage and they assume you look as stunning and put together as the lovely Miss J Sweetapple here (left) all the time. But…

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22nd October 2021

Co-Ords, Matching Sets & Two-Piece Outfits.

Co-ord sets, a matching two piece or dresses… which do you prefer? Co-ords, matching sets, two-piece outfits, twin sets. Call it what you will. we LOVE the versatility of these outfits. They look like a dress, but they…

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1st October 2021

How to be a Badass

If you’re a regular reader of our blog or even just keep up with our socials, you’ll know that we’re firm believers on being a badass is actually all just a state of mind. Everything else is an…

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17th September 2021

Western Boho style inspiration

Nothing says the end of summer like some western boho style... It’s harvest season, so time to be getting out in the countryside, down to a farm, or to a “pick your own” offering. Near LKL HQ there’s…

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3rd September 2021

Dressing for Confidence

What is confidence & what does it mean to you? Knowing you’re able to do something, believing in yourself, feeling like others believe in you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your abilities, but how you feel…

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20th August 2021

How to dress Rockabilly

How to dress Rockabilly This is an origin story… A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away… Well… really it was around 10 years ago in Hastings, but from Bristol & this current place in the…

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6th August 2021

Bad Girl wardrobe staples

How to dress like a badass Channeling your inner badass is easy when you have a select few wardrobe staples. Whether you’re trying to put together your own capsule wardrobe or bring in a hint…

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23rd July 2021

Capsule Wardrobe

How to create a capsule wardrobe Gif by Colleen Tracey via Dribbble Anyone else endlessly jealous of that person they follow on IG who seems to always look so well put together…

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