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Brand Ambassador – Ride with us.

Brand Ambassador – Ride with us.

Published: 1st July 2018

Lady eccentric pin up model vintage fashion influencer with Rockabilly Womens Jeans

pin up vintage fashion influencer with vintage skirt and rockabilly style

Welcome to Lady K Loves brand ambassador program.

Lady K Loves is a vintage style ethical clothing brand. Perfect for pin ups, rockabilly’s & retro lovers of styles including 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s.

We have a great community across our social media including, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. We’re on the look out for social influencers and brand ambassadors who resonate with the qualities we love in our badass babes across our social media communities.

Why is this important to us? Working with great social media marketers, influencers and brand ambassadors helps us reach new babes! It also helps us guide our community, share women’s stories, which in turns empowers & inspires women in our community.

So let’s get started…

Do you have an influence of vintage, mid century, rockabilly, pin up, punk, goth or greaser or anywhere in between in your personal style?

Do you love vintage clothing?

Are you passionate about shopping ethically?

Do you have a unique sense of style?

Do you blog, vlog, photograph and promote your favourite items and brands?

If any of these ring true for you, read on!


We’re looking to add to our brand ambassador program!

We love seeing how you style you’re Lady K Loves clothes.We are passionate about working alongside women with unique styles and a passion for creating genuine connections online through high quality, thoughtful content.

As a brand we feel online influencer marketing is an incredibly important aspect of our business. Helping us to reach further, joining like-minded badass women together. Over the last few years we’ve been working with a handful of the best Instagram Influencers, Brand Ambassadors and Bloggers, reviewing, showcasing and styling new Lady K Loves products. Guess what we are always looking to add to our list!


Pin Up Angela Morales with Lady K Loves Rockabilly Womens Jeans

What we are looking for!

We want to find awesome, multifaceted, unique women to be the digital face of our brand!

We are looking for ambassadors with an awesome and unique sense of style, who gather real and genuine engagement through engaged followers and organic reach. Women who are truly passionate about creating high-quality and interesting content that resonates with our brand values.

We’re reaching out to offer the best of the best a range of options and support. For all the wonderful women who showcase their vintage style, blog, vlog, promote, teach, support, and show love.


Want to get involved? Sign up here with information on your social media profiles! If you can, please include some links to the post you think reflects your style and what you bring the best.

We want to see you shine and help you glow up!


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