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Jeans Update – Restock Imminent

Lady K Loves High Wast Vintage Style Hug Me Baby Jeans You guys love our high waist vintage style jeans. They’re cut for a variety of body shapes and styles, all with a generous nod to mid century 50s style, but with a clear eye and footing in modern life. Cut for you modern figures and with versatile style shaping their design.

Over the last year we’ve had to re-work our supply chain, it’s been tough but we’re confident it’s a positive thing. We now work directly with a denim factory in Thailand. We know and understand far more about the producers approach to their staff, environment and community. This means they are in line with our expectations of environmentally sustainable and considerate, support heir staff and community and take responsibility for the effect they have in their community.

And so, we’re extremely excited we’re having to hold ourselves back! Our 3 sell high waist jeans styles, Hug Me Baby, Classic and Le Wild jeans are going to be back soon! And by soon we mean in the next couple of weeks. We’re biting out nails with excitement and wishing we could let you have them now.

So if you’ve been waiting for our Hug Me Baby’s (as shown here on our beautiful model Diablo Rose), a pair of Classics or the more western Le Wild style you don’t need to wait much longer! If you’re not already suggest you get on our emailing list as we will be telling you there before it goes social.

Keep your eyes peeled for the middle of the month!



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