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IMG 9164 e1651073144834 | How to Dress Vintage Everyday

How to Dress Vintage Everyday

The Lazy Girl Guide to Everyday Vintage You tell someone you’re into vintage and they assume you look as stunning and put together as the lovely Miss J Sweetapple here (left) all the time. But a lot of the time, that’s not the true story… And we’re dressed more casually like how one of our […]

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Co-Ords, Matching Sets & Two-Piece Outfits.

Co-ord sets, a matching two piece or dresses… which do you prefer? Co-ords, matching sets, two-piece outfits, twin sets. Call it what you will. we LOVE the versatility of these outfits. They look like a dress, but they fit like separates & give you way more options in your wardrobe. Did you know we don’t […]

43b1b961a1a31a4237b540fbe74626e1 | How to be a Badass

How to be a Badass

If you’re a regular reader of our blog or even just keep up with our socials, you’ll know that we’re firm believers on being a badass is actually all just a state of mind. Everything else is an added bonus. And being a badass ultimately starts with your confidence, which, yep, you guessed it… we […]

gettyimages 517256620 1522727984 | Western Boho style inspiration

Western Boho style inspiration

Nothing says the end of summer like some western boho style… It’s harvest season, so time to be getting out in the countryside, down to a farm, or to a “pick your own” offering. Near LKL HQ there’s a beautiful lavender farm & a sunflower farm, both of which make beautiful settings for an afternoon […]

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Dressing for Confidence

What is confidence & what does it mean to you? Knowing you’re able to do something, believing in yourself, feeling like others believe in you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your abilities, but how you feel others are perceiving you. Confidence is a personal experience, so connect to what feeling confident means to […]


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