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4th June 2019

Shopping ethically & sustainably online with Lady K Loves

At Lady K we are working towards becoming a more ethically focused sustainable fashion brand.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to be different. We wanted to create unique rockabilly clothing in styles not available on the current market, and to produce them in a way that shows how much we care about sustainability and the environment. We also think it’s important to demonstrate our understanding of the clothes cycle. Lady K Loves is a slow sustainable fashion brand. We are looking to find ways big and small to promote create changes in our products, manufacturing and behaviour which support this ethos. As consumers are becoming more savvy and aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment, we want to offer our community clarity showing the ways in which we are implementing these values into our manufacturing and design process.


Sustainable Fashion

Eco Friendly Packaging

Since the UK introduced the 5p bag charge in 2015 the ‘plastic bag marine litter around the UK dropped by half’. (CEFAS)

Many e-commerce retailers still heavily rely on plastic packaging to protect the product and ensure its safety during transit whilst keep costs to a minimum.

Lady K Loves as a sustainable fashion brand is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our need for single-use plastics in all aspects of our business. Our samples and products are delivered to us from manufacturers in single-use plastic bags. At the moment, we do have the facilities to properly recycle this plastic packaging waste. However, we are working with our manufacturers to ensure all samples and products being sent to us are packaged in paper bags or biodegradable plastic as an alternative to plastic.

Currently, when our packages go out to you we remove the small plastic bags they came to us in and place them in our signature pink postage bags (which you will be pleased to know are fully recyclable).

However,  we are actively searching for innovative and effective eco friendly packaging for our products. This will help to minimise the need for single-use plastic whilst still protecting your products from damage whilst on the way to you.

In addition, we have created our Lady K tote bags (because let’s be honest who can resist a tote?) ultimately reducing our need for plastic. We can use them to protect our products whilst offering you a whole new a separate multiple-use product. A win-win for both of us in our opinion!


Fair-Trade Manufacturing

Lady K Loves is a Slow Sustainable Fashion brand. This means we’re unlike brands on the high-street who’s business models rely on an incredibly high turnover of product. We aren’t constantly producing garments and collections to keep up with ever changing fashion trends.

Instead, we work hard to create good quality products. We take our time to size them properly ensuring our customers a perfect fit every single time.

Our size charts are accurate and don’t change. We’ve spent time talking to our community asking them questions about fits and sizing and addressing the common issues our community express they have with clothing on the market, ensuring our products fit and suit you perfectly.

So, when we bring out new products you will know how much time and energy we have put into every part of the garment to ensure you love it as much as we do. Furthermore, if you cant find a size that fits you please get in touch and let us know! Consequently, we are always on hand to answer any queries and regularly review our products based on sales and feedback. Click here to read more about our sizing 

Sustainable Materials

All our woven wear (Non denim) clothing is made from surplus fabrics. Many current clothing brands on the market will over order on the materials to ensure they have enough. They will then sell on when they don’t need it any more and we buy that left-over fabric. By purchasing this surplus fabric, we are ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfill. This gives the fabric a new purpose. With our newer products, we are making sure we use as much of the fabric as possible, keeping waste to a minimum.

Keep an eye out as we’ve been creating new accessories that help us to use up the left-over fabric. Alongside this, most of the cotton we use in our rockabilly clothing is organic and fair-trade. We work with a supplier via our fair-trade factory in India. You can spot the organic cotton as it is the plain cotton we use for our blouses and sets, if in doubt check the product description.



All of our denim products are made in India at a specialist factory which does everything from creating the yarn and weaving the cloth, to making the final product. All done with sustainability in mind. This means using eco accredited dyes, meeting strict requirements on water consumption & water chemical levels before returning water to the water table. The factory is fully fair trade accredited. Even better, because of their production processes & resources, we are planning to move to into a fully certified organic & fair trade supply chain offering the best in current technology, reducing the amount of water used in denim production. Longer terms we’ll be looking at recycled denim, and creating a circular economdy too! Reusing fabric wastage and old garments giving it a new life and closing the clothing cycle. So watch this space…

These are just a few examples of ways we are ensuring our brand is up keeping the values we uphold. The world is important to us. We care about creating products that have minimal an impact on the environment. It is not an easy task but we working hard to make and implement changes. We hope that other brands follow suit.

You, the consumer, hold the power to make brands change.

The more that you question and query brands on its sustainable practices the more likely they are to change.