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Sustainability with every item

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What is a sustainable clothing brand?

Sustainable clothing brands create clothing while consciously looking at the impact of their product throughout the life cycle of the item.
This includes how the production impacts the planet and the people who make it. They’ll also think about the impact of the product post-use (will the clothing sit in landfill for 200 years, or can it biodegrade or can the garment be recycled?).
A sustainable clothing brand will think about the fabric choices, the factories they work with and the packaging used. They’ll consider the power used to make the garments, the chemicals used to dye them, the amount of water used and how this is returned to the water table. Eco-conscious clothing brands will aim to work in ways that reduce their impact and provide positive opportunities for the people involved in making your clothing. A sustainable clothing brand may also be fair trade and ethical, as they have an interest in the people who make their clothing too!

Being an ethical clothing brand in the UK

What do we do to reduce the impact of our clothing so you can get on with enjoying our clothes?

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

From November 2021 we launched another arm to our sustainable approach.

  • Trees planted with every order
  • Carbon for each item’s freight & shipping offset

Plating trees won’t solve the climate crisis, but it is another step in the direction of carbon neutral

We’re focused on an environmentally sustainable business

The textile and fashion industries have been notoriously damaging to the environment and not promoting safe workplaces for those who produce your clothes.

We know there is another way.

We want you to know when you buy from us, that we support the workers, factories and environments where your garments are made. We work with a selection of small, family-run factories to bring you the best in unique and vintage style. With a conscious.

Sample makeing at ethical clothing factory | Ethical Sourcing
Ethical Vintage Jeans

The denim for our best selling products is sourced from an environmentally responsible company.

We team up with a specialist factory that only produces the highest quality denim.  Using sustainable dyes and boosting a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program. They work in the local community to ensure they have healthy staff and look after the environment they interact with.

Our specialist denim factory uses cutting edge technology to reduce the amount of water used in denim production & post garment washing. So far they have reduced water consumption by 29% (from 12 litres per kg to a mere 3.5 litres per kg). All dyes are OEKO-Tex certified and they have Organic Content Standard, GOTS, Global Recycle Standard, Bluesign & Fair Trade certifications.

Check out the full denim range here.

Our woven garments are made in a fair trade factory in rural India, the factory only employs women giving them a chance to support their families.

Any children these women have are also given a scholarship, covering their books and needs to school. At this factory, we use locally sourced organic cotton or fabrics from surplus specialists in Delhi. This means once the print is gone we can never get it back again, keeping your items limited edition.

The likes, of our tops, skirts and trousers are made at this factory.

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Indian Panorama 2 | Ethical Sourcing