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25th June 2021

Top 5 girl gangs from movies

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We all love a girl gang & the badassery of it all. The concept as a whole: girls supporting girls, lifting each other up & always being there for each other. That is what Lady K Loves is all about. Did we mention their fashions & style? Yeah, we’re big fans, we know how much dressing a particular way can help you step into a situation with the confidence & attitude you need. Which is why in this blog post, we talk about our top 5 girl gangs from movies, why we love them, as well as their fashion choices & key items so you can recreate the looks if you want to. Grab a cup of tea, it’s going to be a fun one!

Girl Gang #1: The Pink Ladies

Any list of girl gangs would not be complete without the iconic Pink Ladies from Grease 1 & 2. The ultimate girl gang with their own special gang jacket, there really isn’t a more iconic group than these ladies. The epitome of girls supporting girls and sticking with your friends through thick and thin. We see a prime example of empowering your friends & encouraging them to be the best version of themselves they can be with Sandy’s badass transformation. Superficial? Perhaps, but we can enjoy brains, attitude & a great outfit right?

Whether it’s Rizzo’s worse things I could do attitude, or Stephanie’s love of a cool rider, the Pink Ladies have an iconic vintage bad girl look & attitude.

Iconic clothing pieces: capris, circle skirts, pencil skirts, the iconic pink ladies jacket. Want your own Pink Ladies jacket? This Etsy seller offers custom embroidery!

Girl Gang #2: Charlies Angels

Let’s be honest, some of the premises of this format is a bit challenging; a group of beautiful women are private detectives for hire through a wealthy mystery man who calls them up to tell them what to do. Is it a job I would do? Probably not. But let us put that to one side because these women knew how to handle themselves & inspired generations of women to take up self-defense, become detectives & basically step into a new vision & version of womanhood.

Plus, we love their outfits. Did you know our Jill blouse is named after Jill Munroe, Farrah Fawcett’s infamous character? It’s a 40’s blouse which has some great 70’s vibes….we love it with our Limer flares for a very Charlies Angels inspired look.

And not to mention the Charlies Angels that came after them, circa 2000. The keyhole tops, blazers, flares.. love it!

Iconic clothing pieces: flares, jeans, crewneck sweaters & zip up hoodies, those gorgeous 70s circle skirts, regular t-shirts, suits

Girl Gang #3: The Craft

Our fave gothic bad girls! I feel like doing witchcraft to get back at some guy who mistreated your best friend with your girlfriends is the ultimate girl gang goal… just me? Okay… But we have to admit, The Craft speaks to everyone’s inner teenage girl.

Badass to the bone check list:

  • Driving like you have no cares.
  • Taking care of trash exes who dissed your team.
  • ‘We are the weirdo’s Mr’ realness.
  • Wearing all matching outfits.
  • Getting back at that racist bully.
  • Calling up spirits.
  • General Coven activity.

Ok, so they take it too far & someone dies, but let’s let that bit slide for our roll call, yeah? And apparently, even Natalie Portman loves The Craft.

Iconic clothing pieces: classic school uniform, long circle skirts, thigh high socks, shirts, v necks, & t shirts. Also vests over long sleeves, which we absolutely love! Pure nostalgia.

Girl Gang #4: Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill!

An extension of the 30’s 40’s femme fatal concept, but in a group, so multiply the danger.

Go-go dancing and gold-digging, these girls won’t steal your boyfriend they’ll kill him off whether you want them to or not. There weren’t many films in the 60s where the women could smoke, drink, drive better than the men & fight. It’s not really about the man-crushing violence (although that definitely adds to the fun) – it’s about badass women who don’t take any shit.

Tura Satana, iconic burlesque dancer & early 90’s metal muse (anyone else listen to this band & Tarrie B? No, just me… awkward) features in this giving an authentic badass flair to the whole vibe.

Iconic clothing pieces: cat suits, deep v necks, tight jeans, shorts

Girl Gang #5: Sin City 

On the badness scale, we’ve moved from Too Pure To Be Pink 50’s cuteness, to a Madam & her Harem owning the streets & all those in it. We’re upping the bad girl ante with Sin City.

Dressed in leather, lace, fur & feathers, these are not women you would want to mess with. Sure, they might be soft at times, but only to get what they want. Using feminine wiles, playing on innocence, and just all out violence, these lot know what their boundaries are and have no troubles honoring them. You better get yourself in check & make sure you respect their rules. They don’t just take one guy out, they fight a war on the city streets to support one of their own, we call that badass, even without the whips & chains.

Iconic clothing pieces: leather (and lots of it!), chaps, lingerie as outerwear, leg harnesses. We recommend Malice Lingerie for all of your harness needs.

Bonus Girl Gang: Whip It 

An honorable mention, which is well deserved. If you’re into the current roller skating craze, but missed the early 2000’s roller derby revival, this is for you. Staring a host of inspiring people, from Juliette Lewis (one of our favourite rock icons) to Eve. Directed by Drew Barrymore, who is a walking talking babe. Featuring some of the original team members which inspired this story, Hello Krissy Krash LKL Boss had the pleasure of being on her podcast a while back! Plus, Elliot Page plays “shy person finds their confidence” so well.

It’s not just the on-track carnage that makes this Girl Gang badass, they do what we think makes a great gang, they have each other’s back through thick & thin.

Founder & owner of LKL, Kessie, features on a Podcast with Krissy Krash, roller derby queen & all-star, who had a role in Whip It.

Iconic clothing pieces: girl scout-esque uniforms, oversized tees

If you want to continue your reading, and you want to know how to dress like a 50s badass (we’re talking Wanda Jackson, Rizzo etc.) we have a blog post all about 50s bad girl clothing too. You can find that here.