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Vintage Style, Modern Fit and Always Limited Edition


Lady K Loves

Vintage Style, Modern Fit and Always Limited Edition

Lady K Loves rockabilly clothing! Yes, she really does….in fact the whole rockin’ way of life. Armed with a desire to make sure you get mid century styled threads, with the joy of modern fabrics and technology, she got to work and started making.

Over the years the demand grew and now all of our items are made by highly skilled crafts people in fair trade factories. From our specialist denim factory in the heart of England to our sunny fair trade factorys in India or Nepal, making sure our products are made with love from start to finish is key to our dream.


We have a real passion to deliver the best to our customers and want you to feel like you’ve got something real swell when you get your hands on some of our clothing. We put a tonne of attention, details and love into the cut fit and finish of each item.

For the most part, each style only has one allocation of a certain fabric for each style. Meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone, so be sure to check out our Last Chance section.. The exception to this is anything in black or denim, as staples of a good wardrobe we want you to know when you fall in love with a pair of our jeans, you can keep coming back for them for years.

All Lady K Loves items are fair trade.