How to measure for jeans & choose the right style for your body

23rd June 2017

How to measure for jeans and choose the right style for you

Jeans, we all love them and some of us basically live in them. But which high waisted jeans are the ones for you? It can be difficult to measure for high waisted jeans sometimes, but we’ve got you! Grab your tape measure and arm yourself with the right information from our jeans size guide for online shopping! Sizes mean a whole lot less than actual measurements and will help you get the right fit on the first time.

About our jeans

Lady K Loves specialises in high waisted jeans with a vintage look. Featuring a high waist that sits on your natural waistline. Lady K Loves cut jeans for a range of women’s bodies. Which means there’s bound to be a style that works for you. We love thick denim, but we’re not afraid of a little stretch to the denim. It can help you get a great fit. While making sure your jeans move and flex with you. We also work with ethical fabric producers and fair suppliers. So you can feel great inside and out.

Ready to find your perfect fit and how to measure for jeans?

You’ll need your…

  • Waist measurements – around your natural waistline normally 2″ higher than your navel
  • Hips measurements – measure 6″ down from your natural waistline
  • Rise measurements – the distance from your natural waist to the top of your inseam
  • Inseam measurements – the inside leg to where you’d like your jeans to sit

As well as our super handy size guide!

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So which style to go for?

The four different styles we offer are:

Hug Me Baby – These are made for girls with a big difference in waist to hip ratio, meaning they will fit snug all over and not gape at the waist. The colour of their black pockets is bright yellow

Classic Jeans – These are the first pair of jeans they designed, a classic fit with Lady K Love signature detailing, so you can’t go wrong with these.

Polly JeansIf you’re petite, these are the jeans for you. They come with a 27″ inseam and are designed to fit the shorter ladies out there.The colour of their black pockets is dark gold

Le Wild Jeans – If you are interested in a wider leg and not into skinny fits, these are the jeans for you. They are cut slimmer on the hips, but feature a wider leg opening. The colour of their black pockets is white

Hug Me Baby jeans size guide

Vintage style high waist jeans, high waist tight jeans, jeans for big hips | Hug Me Baby Jeans from Lady K Loves | Vintage style high waist jeans

You’ve probably heard a lot about our Hug Me Baby jeans, these are cut for girls with a big difference in their waist and hips, in this case, 12″+. Their waist is a whole dress size smaller than their hips, for instance, a UK  12 waist and UK 14 hips. Part of the reason these jeans get so much love is because, if that is your body shape, it’s really hard to get things to fit. If you are in-between sizes, these may feel a bit tight by the end of the day at the waist, or the hips might feel a bit baggy. If your waist is one size in the chart below, but your hips would fit the size below, go for our Classic jeans. Check out the size chart below for full details

Hug Me Baby has a 12″ / 30cm rise to the waistband

Waist (inch)24″26″28″30″32″34″
Hips (inch)36″38″40″42″44″46″
Waist (cm)61cm66cm71cm76cm81cm86cm
Hips (cm)91cm99cm101cm106cm121cm126cm

Classic Jeans size guide

Classic jeans | Vintage style pin up rockabilly jeans from Lady K Loves

Our Classic Jeans, were the first one we designed. Based on a traditional jeans design as we know it in the modern world, with a central front zip and back pockets. These are finished off with our signature sweetheart yoke, helping give a visual lift to your backside. The idea was to produce a slim to tight leg with a high waist. When we first brought these out, you couldn’t find that anywhere! Classics jeans are the basis for the HMB’s however they’re cut for a more ‘standard’ curvy body (as if there’s such a thing as a standard body!). These look great with a difference of 10″ between waist and hips. If you can wear a normal dress size, these are for you.  Most girls will be this style.

Classic has a 12″ / 30cm rise to the waist band

Waist (inch)25″27″29″31″33″35″
Hips (inch)34″36″38″40″42″44″
Waist (cm)64cm69cm74cm79cm84cm89cm
Hips (cm)87cm92cm97cm102cm107cm112cm

Polly Jeans size guide

High waisted jeans for petites

Need a petite fit? Say hello to our Polly, named after Polly Pocket, they are just perfect for those with a petite figure, a short torso or if you want your jeans just below your natural waistline.  They have a 27″ inseam from crotch to hem and a great tight fit. We love them turned up to mid calf with a pair of loafers or lace up ballet pumps. They have our signature sweetheart yoke, and front zip, with dark gold pocket stitching.

Polly has a 9.5″ / 25cm rise to the waist band

Waist (inch)25″27″29″31″33″ 35″
Hips (inch)34″36″38″40″42″ 44″
Waist (cm)64cm69cm74cm79cm84cm89cm
Hips (cm)87cm92cm97cm102cm107cm112cm

Le Wild Jeans size guide

Vintage style jeans with a side zip. Rockabily western pin up high waist jeans

Fancy a wider leg? We love our Le Wild jeans, they are great for boots, or we’ve loved wearing them turned up to mid-calf with a pair of loafers or lace up ballet pumps. They have our signature sweetheart yoke, but feature a side zip. They’re cut a little slimmer on the hips. This is great if you who don’t have a big difference between your hips and waist.

Le Wild have a 12.5″ / 32cm rise to the waist band

Waist (inch)27″29″31″33″35″37″
Hips (inch)34″36″38″40″42″44″
Waist (cm)69cm74cm79cm84cm89cm94cm
Hips (cm)87cm92cm97cm102cm107cm112cm

We’re always on hand to help you find the right pair. If you’re not sure send us a message with your measurements and we’ll find the best match for you! Behind the scenes, we’re working on new styles and new fits. Therefore if we don’t have the denim style for you, there might be one in development.

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