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Q. I don’t know what size I am in Lady K Loves, please help!

A. Our sizing table is here, items are cut to fit these sizes, so the waist on a size small skirt will be 27” to fit and 26” – 27” inch waist, etc. Items which are cut to fit differently will have a measurements table on the product page. If in doubt, do ask, we’re always happy to help.

Q. I love this top/skirt/trousers/dress you did a while ago. Will you get more in the same colour back in stock?

A. Probably not, we only produce one lot of each item in each fabric, This is to make sure you get truly limited edition styles. The exception to this is our jeans, and some items in classic/staple colours such as black, navy or denim. For the most part once it’s gone, it’s gone, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Q. I’d like to try items on before I buy them, where can I do this?

A. We have a shop opening in Bristol in the next 6 weeks, keep an eye on our faebook page or join our mailing list for more information on this. We also will be having a stand at a host of fairs, events, weekenders and even some car shows. So check our events page for an up to date list and keep an eye on our facebook or twitter pages for even invites and the like.

Q. I’ve brought something at pre-order, where is it.

A. We do our best to make sure we keep people up to date with the progress of all pre-orders. At points things are delayed due to issues we have no control over. We aim to keep the product pages up to date and you’ll receive e-mails with progress.

Q. I’ve brought something at pre-order and I’m worried it’s the wrong size, what can I do?

A. We’re always happy to help you with questions over sizing. We can give you measurements from the items/patterns themselves, and information on the sort of fabric, fit and give of the item to help you make the best decision possible. However should you get your item through the post and it’s not quite the fit you’re after, our normal returns policy takes effect from the day you receive your item.

Q. I brought some Lady K Loves from a stall at a show/fair, shop in my town, another online retailer, can I return it to you?

A. I’m afraid all sales from events are final after the event. If you have a fault with the item please see our returns policy below. Unfortunately any item brought from another outlet or online retailer needs to be returned to them.

Q. I’ve brought something from your site and I would like to return or exchange it?

A. Please see our returns policy either on your packaging slip, or below.

Q. I’ve brought something and I want to return it outside of the returns policy dates?

A. We will consider any enquiries separately, but we retain the right to refuse a refund or exchange outside of our return policy timescales. Please don’t just send the item back, we’ll refuse the post.

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